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Free IRA booklet, roth ira booklet, ira distribution mistakesWe’ll send you our free IRA Booklet, “Avoiding Common IRA Distribution Mistakes – Including Roth Conversion”.

In our experience, we recognize that you may have some concerns. Concerns such as having enough money to live out retirement in comfort.  Maintaining a lifestyle you are accustomed to.  There maybe a concern about losing control over your life.  Maybe concerns about being ill or old age.  We get it.

This is just one of our resources.  We specialize in five key areas. We say that if one of these key areas is weak that you could experience failures later in life.  Some of these are common and avoidable mistakes.

Let’s start our relationship out by sending you one of our booklets.  Below is the outline of the first resource we would like to send to you.

Free IRA Booklet Outline

In our free IRA Booklet we distinguish common mistakes in regards to distribution of IRAs. We give tips on how to remedy and avoid them in the future.


Types of money

Two things that can ruin your plans to stretch your IRA

Why you may need to clearly declare your beneficiaries

Don’t let your IRA custodian mess you up

Prohibited transactions

What is improper

… Many other headings

How to determine if your advisor is highly trained

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